Welcome to my homepage. I am DanGuru
I was born Cancer sunsign and Cancer ascendant.
I have high innate intuition and sensibility.
I help people worldwide to reach their next level
be it professional, personal or spiritual.

Unlike other healers i don't touch your energy field. No medicine, no plants, no gimmicks, no intrusion.
You see, when the time is right, everything comes together effortlessly. All you need is to get over your souls next lesson.

In an intimate discussion i reveal the chakra blockages you have
and give you clear instructions on how to clear them with specific exercises.
We also do these exercises together.
We will also use your dreams to reveal these chakra blockages for targeted progress.
The experiences you will make will absolutely blow your mind & you will soon see there is a completely different unbelievable dimension to reality.

Learn more about my technique and me
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Authenticity & Integrity, Life as your teacher